Almost all business people usually have a paper business card. It would be ideal to convert this card into a web page. Where it contains a little more information..

Price From
$190 USD
➢Includes “tecdisol Standard Features”

➢Maximum 3 sections

Suggested Sessions:
•Personal info

TecDiSol Standard Features:

  • Advice specialized in objectives and contents.
  • Image customization for the template you select (Thousands of Options).
  • Page with Contact Form.
  • Page with address location and with a Google map.
  • Page with List and details of their Services.
  • Page with List and details of their Products.
  • Configuration of 5 corporate mails; Example:; Using technologies [CPanel or Zoho].
  • Web Hosting on Server with Plan T2-1GB.
  • A Domain with extension .com; Different extent can vary the price.
  • You must pay an Annuity to keep the site active; The value depends on the Hosting and Selected Domain.